Wild Animal

How to Make Wild Animal?
Forest + Life

What Does Wild Animal Make?
+Armor = Armadillo
+Cat = Lion
+Cheese = Mouse
+Chicken = Fox
+Desert = Camel
+Dog = Wolf
+Dune = Scorpion
+Farmer = Livestock
+Flower = Bee + Butterfly
+Grass = Ant
+Human = Dog + Livestock
+Ice = Penguin
+Milk = Cat
+Moon = Wolf
+Ocean = Shark
+Pig = Wild Boar
+Pirate Ship = Rat
+Pond = Frog
+Sailboat = Rat
+Sand = Scorpion
+Santa = Reindeer
+Sea = Shark
+Sugar = Ant
+Thread = Spider
+Time = Sloth
+Tree = Monkey
+Wire = Snake
+Wood = Beaver


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  1. play this game everyday with my child!! She just loves it so much! She is so happy when i say we can play it! Can you designers make more? She has made EVERY animal already! And she started only a month ago! That is alot of items to get!

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