Hidden Gem

Have you unlocked all the combinations in Little Alchemy? Your next challenge is to find these “hidden” elements to get the Hidden Gem Achievement. Below is a quick list of the Hidden Gem combines. These special hidden combinations are also included in our main combo walkthrough.

1. Astronaut Ice Cream = Ice Cream + Astronaut
2. Doge = Dog + Internet, Dog + Computer
3. Keyboard Cat = Cat + Music
4. Nessie = Story + Lake
5. Ninja Turtle = Turtle + Ninja
6. The One Ring = Volcano + Ring
7. Yeti = Mountain + Story, Story + Mountain Range
8. TARDIS = Time + Space
9. the doctor = tardis + doctor


Hidden Gem — 1,104 Comments

  1. I have finished this game and their is no Willy winks in the game does anyone know what the gem looks like so I find it or what combination do you do to get the gem.

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