How to Make Metal?
Fire + Stone

What Does Metal Make?
+Air = Rust
+Bird = Airplane
+Blade = Sword
+Bullet = Gun
+Carbon Dioxide = Fire Extinguisher
+Cheese = Mousetrap
+Coal = Steel
+Cold = Fridge
+Diamond = Ring
+Electricity = Wire
+Energy = Electricity
+Explosion = Grenade
+Glass = Glasses + Mirror
+Gold = Safe
+Gunpowder = Bullet
+Hay = Needle
+Horse = Horseshoe
+Human = Tool
+Ice = Fridge
+Life = Robot
+Light Bulb = Lamp
+Money = Safe
+Oxygen = Rust
+Rainbow = Gold
+River = Bridge
+Rope = Chain
+Steam = Boiler
+Steam Engine = Train
+Stone = Blade
+Sun = Gold
+Thread = Needle
+Tool = Armor
+Wheel = Car
+Witch = Cauldron
+Wood = Hammer


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