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  1. i love the gmee so much but i also think whoever put this cheat sheet up should take it down like what is the point of game the if people cheat and use your cheat answers to the whole entire gaming system and most of us would like it if you took down this website immediately because your just riuning the whole game for all of us and we all dont like it and then people are going to start thinking that they can cheat during their whole entire life but you see i came on this website because i heard it helps you figure out how to make the stuff but no its all abunch of trash gaming suppliy and only people who cheat then not good at all but to all the people that are all playing the game how its supposed to be play but your all good people and not to be rude just please take down this website….

    • Yes, but I also think alot of people would have no idea what makes what. And also why are you on the cheat sheet if you don’t agree with it?

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