How to Make Egg?
Bird + Bird
Life + Stone
Lizard + Lizard
Turtle + Turtle

What Does Egg Make?
+Air = Bird
+Clock = Egg Timer
+Duck = Duckling
+Fire = Omelette
+Flour = Pasta
+Hay = Nest
+Livestock = Chicken
+Ocean = Hard Roe
+Oil = Mayonnaise
+Pond = Hard Roe
+Sand = Turtle
+Sea = Hard Roe
+Sky = Bird
+Swamp = Lizard
+Watch = Egg Timer
+Water = Hard Roe


Egg — 15 Comments

  1. how do you make a bird if how you make a bird is a air +egg?!?!?1?!? The egg comes from the bird but the bird comes from the egg. Ho is that possible! I am so confused

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